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NJB Electrical Services offers the most reliable electrical test and tag in Melbourne and surrounds. Testing your electrical appliances for faults and damages makes sense – as it gives you the peace of mind that your workforce is using equipment that is safe from the dangers of electrical faults.

Employers owe it to their employees to guarantee a safe, hazard-free work environment. Unfortunately, guaranteeing a safe workplace can be difficult if portable electronic equipment is used regularly, as many problems with the equipment are not spotted until it is too late. That is why electrical testing services are so important – they improve the electrical safety of the workplace

Portable electronic equipment, if it is faulty, can cause several problems that could jeopardise the safety of an employee. These problems could range from burns and shocks to electrocutions and electrical fires.

Identifying faulty portable electronic equipment isn’t as easy as it sounds. Many problems, such as current leakage or improper earth continuity, cannot be seen by the naked eye. This means the problem is present, but it is left unfixed because the employer is unaware of it.

Testing and tagging services offered by a reliable test & tagging contractor like us consists of a thorough inspection of portable electronic equipment in your workplace. These inspections are done to identify any existing problems and to create an ongoing checking schedule.

Our experienced team at NJB Electrical Services deliver the highest level of quality and personal service to all our clients. Each of our team takes pride in their work standards to meet the expectations of our clients daily.

It is important that your electrical equipment, RCD’s and industry tools are regularly maintained and tested to meet the highest safe work standards and compliance and we take care of all of your electrical test and tag needs! We also offer domestic electrical testing if you want to keep everyone in your home safe.

You can be assured the team at NJB Electrical Services can provide competent skills and experience concerning:

  • Scheduled Testing
  • Portable Appliance Testing
  • Emergency and Exit Lights
  • RCD Testing
  • Faulty Appliance Repair



If you have a dangerous electrical situation, power outage or smell electrical fires… contact us immediately!

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