Strata Maintenance


NJB Electrical Services also specialises in providing professional strata maintenance in Melbourne and surrounds. Our team takes pride in delivering the most comprehensive quality-assured strata property maintenance services for a wide variety of building complex configurations.

As it stands, it is the property owner’s responsibility to repair electrical fittings within the property grounds such as any cabling within the property’s internal walls that only services the individual lot. This is where the strata maintenance experts from NJB Elecrtical Services come in.

We and our team members can provide a quote to reduce the running costs of the building’s communal lighting, through globe or light fitting replacement works. Our strata maintenance specialists can also go through all aspects of your building’s electrical system and show you which one need repair, replacement, or simply cleaning up.

As per Australian law, rental property owners need to have the property’s electrical installations, testing, detector cleaning and maintenance needs met periodically. Failing to fulfill these requirements can land you and your property on the wrong side of the law. This is why it is critical to get fully licenced and qualified experts to help you do exactly this with a high degree of quality and timeliness.

Our team has successfully worked on hundreds of buildings’ electrical systems of varying layouts and configurations and are proud to say that we have managed to keep them operating at 100% for years now. We also offer 24/7 electrical strata maintenance services so that in times of an emergency you can count on us to take care of your tenant’s electrical needs.

As part of our strata electrical contracting services, we can inspect the building or property for electrical faults or potential electrical risks and hazards. Our expert technicians use the latest in electrical thermal imaging equipment to thermally image your equipment under load – thus allowing for corrective action to be taken before costly system failures occur. The electrician will advise you about the items that could be a concern.

At NJB Electrical Services, we know how important electricity is to your rental property. So whether you need complete rewiring, a routine safety inspection, or just have a flickering bulb, we’ll be ready to give you fast, professional service and take care of the problem.



If you have a dangerous electrical situation, power outage or smell electrical fires… contact us immediately!

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